These are some of the many watershed events by which God has led the Family of God Church and blessed us with a covenant of continuance:

  • 1980: The Birth of the ChurchAfter a few years of preaching and witnessing, which saw thousands of people getting saved, God led Brother Andrew Wutawunashe to begin a New Testament church known as the Worldwide Family of God Church (WFGC) for the shepherding and mentoring of believers. The first congregation in Harare, Zimbabwe had 30 people.
  • 1981: Worship and Arts BeganThe Worship and Arts ministry began with the inauguration of the first Family Choir and the Family Singers.  The Church’s ministry  has gained a great influence in Zimbabwe, where the Family Singers are acknowledged as pioneers of Contemporary Gospel music. Today the Revival’s music and worship has risen from many nations where the Church has a presence, and has become a powerful tool for spreading the love and power of Christ